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What up everyone,

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this page since we basically live on the facebook page hahahahaha…but anyway – here we are to announce and continue to promote our brand new EP Be Water! It’s streaming below AND you can grab it for free from bandcamp…

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Holy hell!!!

What’s up everyone!

Can’t believe it’s 2016 and the last time we put up a message on this website was like over a year ago!!!

Anyway…since we don’t really update this website much we want to make sure that the MOST important piece of information is up here. What we’ve been busy doing is staying on top of website. Please make sure you go to that website EVERY DAY to check out insanely amazing Asian bands…





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We seem to be losing something that was always very important about people from Hong Kong – civility. One of the things that I always found amazing about Hong Kong was how civil people were here. To me, any rational civilized person who is able to control their emotions in difficult situations really shows how strong their character is. And that’s something Hong Kong can always be very proud of – celebrated for being a civilized city. I know that I am not as well-balanced as most HK people are because I am an overly emotional person who is still learning to control my emotions so I can be more civil and rational like Hong Kong people.

This is the city that is commended all over the world for never having any issues with vandalism, riots or looting during any protest. Instead of this type of behavior, Hong Kong protestors go around picking up trash, separating trash and recycling what they can. During OC every time I went to join a protest I constantly had food and water handed to me. I would politely hand it back because I wasn’t the one that was living on the streets – I was just someone that came for a few hours at a time to offer my support, I didn’t need these precious things.

But what has happened to HK people’s civility lately? People use the term 蝗蟲 all the time. Some HK people will openly attack Chinese from the mainland while these mainlanders are just out shopping or walking around. Yelling at them “to go back to China”. I understand if people are attacking parallel traders – but what about those mainlanders that are just tourists? Or those mainlanders who are visiting family here? Or those mainlanders who actually LIVE here?

Last year when anti-mainland protestors scared mainland Chinese into shops in TST yelling and screaming at them, it inspired me to write the song Don’t Show Your Face 無可救藥 that’s on our new album. I understand people’s anger. I understand the impact on our life here. I also understand that the REAL culprit is our pathetic government, not the every day person. So your anger and disappointment should be directed at the hopeless, useless and extremely out-of-touch HK government. I understand that because the government doesn’t listen that’s why people are going to a much more extreme manner. I fully understand this and support this type of action and direction.

But what I don’t understand, nor will I or King Ly Chee ever support, is discrimination of anyone. When you use the term 蝗蟲 to describe a group of people – you are showing the world how uncivilised, uneducated, how little culture you have, and how little you care about someone’s feelings. There are over 1 billion mainland Chinese – you think ALL of them are the fault of our social problems in Hong Kong? Really? What about my brothers in Unregenerate Blood 不复之血 or 杀虫水 or 窒息 or 反光镜 or 扭曲的机器 or a million other bands? What about my brothers and sisters in ALL of China’s punk, hardcore, metal, skateboarding, hip-hop, reggae, ska, BMX, arts, music, scenes? You think ALL of these people come to Hong Kong to raid our stores? What about our wives? Two KLC members are married to wonderful women from mainland China. You think they are 蝗蟲 too?

We are at a very important crossroad here in Hong Kong. I hope no matter where you stand on ANY issue – that you will always choose to take the HIGH road and use respect and compassion when dealing with those issues. Discriminating people against their race, sex, religion, or ANYTHING, is NOT OKAY.

What is the most tragic consequence from all of this is that young children are now also discriminating against mandarin speakers and people from the mainland. Children! Instead of seeing a mandarin speaker as a great way to practice speaking mandarin, instead they discriminate against that young child and say things like “講普通話的 -別跟強國人玩“ What? How can a child use these words? They don’t even know the root cause of HK’s issues – all they know is that their parents speak like this so they are also going to speak like this.

You have a social responsibility and a social contract to uphold because children are involved. Whatever values you practice at home (how you speak to each other, how you talk about social problems, how you talk about people who speak different languages/cultures/traditions, etc) – those are the values your child is going to grow up with and develop into his/her character. Racism? Really? That’s what you want?

To anyone out there who is protesting but NEVER forgets to stay respectful, compassionate and civilized – WE SUPPORT YOU 100%! You are the Hong Kong that we want to show the world.

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