Baptist University – Hong Kong

Show w/ Beefers

This show was a pretty cool and relaxed event. It was a free daytime get together with 3 bands including us, a school band and a band called Beefers with whom I had actually exchanged e-mails with frequently. It was the first time I got to see Beefers so that was pretty cool. They’re a bit like brit-rock style but I don’t know if I would give them a simple label like that – there’s a lot more to them then just that style.

The crowd didn’t seem to move too much at this show but maybe cause it was in the middle of the day and kind of cold outside (the show was outdoors).
Anyway – it was a nice way to return to Hong Kong and it was our first time to play at Baptist U. so hopefully they may have us back again soon…
See you on Nov. 19th!

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