NOVEMBER 17, 2000

Whats up everyone! We’re back after our first full China tour. It was amazing and I’m still pretty tired from it all. I just got back and we already have a show this afternoon and then later this weekend. Anyway, I’ll add pictures from our tour soon. We met lots of great people and lots of great bands (we played with all the Wuhan punk bands and when we showed up in Beijing we got to play with all the infamous Wu Liao Contingent bands)! We even got to play with The Fly but these guys suck so its not a big deal. I was pretty sad leaving Beijing today to come back here but  oh well, life goes on. Its cool to see that there are so many shows coming up in Hong Kong!!! Is the music situation getting better and better here or is it just me? I’d still like to see a true hardcore/punk rock community in Hong Kong however — I guess I can’t expect too much too fast…I wish other people would realize that as well. See you at the shows…

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