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LMF – Hong Kong

w/ King Ly Chee and Lam Kei

Obviously this was going to be a very big show for us. Total number of tickets sold as of 5pm yesterday was a little bit over 2000 – and they were not going to stop selling tickets. By the end of the night there were close to 2500 tickets sold and people in attendance.

The show started at 8:30pm but people were lining up outside since 4pm that day when we got there for rehearsal. Pretty crazy. We walked into the HUGE hall that the show was going to take place and I immediately started laughing because on top of the huge speakers there were 2 dice – the LMF symbol. The stage itself was enormous with a variety of instruments and even a wall in the middle to be used for video purposes. Later on that night while all the bands were playing they would use this wall to show close up shots of the band members. When LMF played they used this wall to show LMF’s music videos.
I went to go to pick up a friend of mine around 8pm and when I got back we went inside the hall where at least 1000 people had already gathered. I knew this show was going to be insane…Lam Kei went on first and ripped up the stage as usual with 4 songs (including a BRAND new song). We went on after and surprisingly the audience actually liked us. I didn’t think anybody would like us because most of the people in the audience came to see LMF and ONLY LMF. But the people in the very front were having a great time when we were playing jumping around – some even knew our songs so that was pretty cool. Later on that night I found out from friends who were standing in the very back that there were a group of people who were like, “get off the stage. are you finished yet?” – I expected the entire audience to be like that, so the fact that only a small handful of people were like that made me happy. Ah Ming was still playing drums for us and he played so well tonight! The best thing about the band for Alex and me right now is that it is fun to play in this band again because we’re all really close friends outside of the band. That was not the case before Ming offered to join the band temporarily…thanks Ming for saving King Ly Chee.

When LMF got on the stage the entire place erupted. It was really cool to see so many people in the audience really going crazy. Mainly, to me it was cool to see so many really OLD ladies and really young girls screaming LMF lyrics which are full of “tiu’s”, “lun’s”, “hum ka this” and “hum ka that”…its so funny to see people who look so “see men” swearing and yelling “chou hao”! hahahaha…anyway, it was really cool to see the entire audience (full of 2000+ people) screaming the lyrics together. LMF are much better live now then when I remember seeing them a year ago. Tonight they brought on stage plenty of celebrities like Paul from Beyond (when he came on stage all the girls in front of me were screaming! I can’t believe that still happens! hahahaha…), Sam Lee of course was on stage the whole time, Anthony Wong came on and played 3 or 4 songs (his music sounds really similar to old skool punk rock! Really – he has the same attitude too telling everyone to fuck off constantly), and then finally – for all the girls to truly go insane – Tse Ting Fung came on the stage at the very end of the show for the last song Hum Ka Ling.

It was a crazy time last night to be a part of a huge show like that. LMF invited a bunch of local bands (Lam Kei, King Ly Chee and Site Access) to open up for them to show the audience that their are a lot more local bands in Hong Kong. Which was great of them – but when they were on stage they didn’t say anything about supporting the local bandscene. That was disappointing – while I was on stage I wanted to ask why there were more than 2000 people here watching a bandshow when there are plenty of other bandshows going on around Hong Kong which they don’t come to. But by the time I was dedicating our last song to all our friends bands in Hong Kong I was so tired that I couldn’t speak anymore…its hard for me to speak in Chinese because I have to think a lot harder – because Chinese is not natural.

Anyway – it was a fun night nonetheless…I just do hope that most of the people watching (or at least some) start coming to other local bandshows to support other Hong Kong bands. Lets see what happens…

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ENVY (Japanese emotional/hardcore) – Hong Kong

w/ King Ly Chee, FatJob and For No Answer

Hopefully you all bought issue #6 of Start From Scratch and got a little acquainted with Envy – one of the greatest emotional/hardcore bands around. Well, they just finished playing their first show in Hong Kong and it was amazing. What was more amazing was that you couldn’t hear any of the vocals – but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying and feeling the passion and emotions that Envy throws out to the audience. They were simply amazing and I definitely am going to head down to the Sunday show as well…I’m broke but hopefully I’ll be able to round up some money some how…

FatJob, as usual rocked through their songs and played a tight TIGHT set. Fai (vocals) seemed extra emotional tonight falling on the ground a lot…its cool to see these guys getting so much freer on stage…A brand new band called For No Answer played tonight and sounded pretty good. Their first show had a total of 6 or 7 songs…pretty cool for a first show. But the singer got on stage and said that they hadn’t played in 3 years so that probably explains why they have so many songs. Anyway, the music is a mix of alternative rock mixing the heavy and mellow…pretty cool.

Great show – can’t wait until Sunday…

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Methodist Church – Hong Kong

w/ Sanskrit, Think Up a Clear Sky, King Ly Chee and Whence He Came

Last night was our first show with our temporary drummer Ming who plays full-time in a hardcore/metal band in Hong Kong called FatJob. (For more information on FatJob check out their website by CLICKING HERE.) We all got to the show pretty late because Ming and I both work…unlike me, Ming is expected to work OVERTIME almost everyday. So even for this show he couldn’t make it early enough to do sound check because I think he was allowed to leave from work around 7:30. I got off work about 6pm but I had to go deliver more magazines to HMV so I got to the show late. Poor Alex and Ho were the only ones that were free enough to go pick up ALL our equipment from FatJobs studio. He and FatJobs bass player Ho had to go all the way out to Wong Chuk Hang to pick up Ming’s cymbals, bass pedals, China cymbal stand, my guitar and his own bass. So by the time they both got to the show they were tired as well…

ANYWAY – on with the actual show. Ming had only practiced with us twice before this show and he managed to learn 3 songs and our intro. Of course we want to thank Ming for  helping us out so much – especially since he already has a full time job and practices with his full time band at least 3 times a week! After his busy schedule he still made time to help us so that we can keep playing shows. Thanks Ming…

The show was organized by Tom and Andrew of Far East Records who also play in the band Uncle Joe. It was great to be part of another DIY show and supporting other people who are also trying to push independent bands further here.  Far East Records had recently released a band called Think Up a Clear Sky yet when they had released this CD most of the member had to go to college in the US so the band couldn’t support the release of the CD with shows. This was the first (and I heard that is was their last?) time they played since the release of this CD back sometime in August or September. If you have read the review of this CD in my magazine you can tell that I was pretty excited to see them again – especially after I had a chance to listen to their songs more clearly. They were awesome last night but they were short of one guitar player which I think effected them a bit – JUST A BIT THOUGH…they were still good.
Far East shows are really cool because the shows are FREE! So needless to say, the show last night was PACKED! It was great to see so many people show up to support Far East and the bands that played…

Good show, great time…isn’t that what its all about?!

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