Careless Whisper Bar

w/ King Ly Chee, FatJob, Dzap Dau Dau and 10 other bands…

This has been a VERY bad weekend for us…both shows we were told to cut our songs because all the earlier bands played too many songs. Its so unfair for us…but this show in Shenzhen was the MOST unfair show we have played in a long time.

This show had 14 bands and the fucking show started at 9pm!!! WHY?!?!?! We were band number 13 for this show that means we were going to play very late. We ended up playing at 1:30am! Can you believe that? Do you know how tired we were?! It was terrible.

What made me even more angry was that many of the other bands who played this show did not stay to watch us. Even a stupid Hong Kong band called Tat Flip. That stupid band came late, played their show, and then left. It doesn’t matter because they SUCK now – they changed their style. Everybody in the show asked me “hey, why does Tat Flip sounds like Beyond?” That is their new style – Beyond. Good luck.

When we finally got on stage there weren’t that many people left because it was fucking 1:30am. Who wants to see a hardcore band so fucking late! But the people that were there were very excited to see us so we were still excited to play for them. After the intro my guitar didn’t work. I didn’t know what happened…I borrowed Dzap Dau Dau’s guitar and that didn’t work anymore also…then after our second song I gave up…it was too late at night, the organizers of the show did not take care of us, the other bands did not stay to watch us, and now 2 guitars did not work. We finished two songs and tried to play our brand new song “Sickened Eyes” but after the beginning of the song I gave up…

Bad weekend…

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