Hey – sorry for not updating the page in a long time but on Friday I tried to turn my computer on before I went to Guangzhou…when I turned my monitor on some strange sounds were coming out and all of a sudden I saw smoke coming out of my monitor. I just sat staring at my monitor and started laughing watching smoke come out from the top of my monitor, I thought it was going to explode. This was around 6:30pm and I had to meet my friend Owen in Kowloon Tong KCR station because we had to go to Guangzhou that day. The next day (Saturday) I had to do a skateboard show in Guangzhou that my good friend Lang Chai organized…

On Saturday it rained non-stop…the show was cancelled…then I stayed in Guangzhou Saturday night and we went out to some party and came back to the hotel at 8am Sunday morning.

At 9:30am we had to wake up because I had to do another skateboard demo today. I only slept for 2 hours and then had to skate again. LUCKILY IT STARTED RAINING AGAIN!!! Thank god…but I could not sleep again because I had to come back to Hong Kong and play a show Sunday night at Tin Ma Lam.

I came back to Hong Kong around 4:30pm and called Alex. We went to Tin Ma Lam and it was raining so hard – but they did not cancel the show. The area looked like it would be lots of fun if it wasn’t raining…their were so many stalls and a very nice feel. But it was raining and only 20 or 30 people were there. We played in the rain and since only 10 people were watching us play we asked the audience to stand on stage with us because the stage had a cover – where the audience was standing their was no cover and they were all getting wet so I told them to come on stage…it was still fun playing the show but we only played to 10 people…I think everybody else went to see LMF in Poly last night…anyway…so that’s why I haven’t updated the page in so long!! hahahaha…sorry for the long explanation!

I have a new monitor now and Alex has designed a new messageboard so we will update it in the next few days…peace…

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