Shenzhen Skateboarding

I got back last night from skateboarding in Shenzhen. I had to do a skateboard demo outside a shopping center in Shenzhen’s “Dong Mun” area. This shopping center has one shop that sells my magazines – I did not know. I didn’t put them there and have never met the boss…my friend Mark and a couple of my workmates told me that they saw the latest issue of my zine being sold at a shop in Shenzhen for $25 RMB! Hahahaha…I was laughing so hard! Some poor business man thinks that people actually WANT to buy my magazine up there!

Anyway, I went up to Shenzhen and I told Mark that he HAD to show me this shop and sure enough, when I walked in through the door I saw my magazine laid out on a rack as if it was something kids would die over. Funny stuff…

Anyway, the skate demo was right outside on the street and I don’t know how many hundreds of people were there staring but it was pretty cool anyway. I’m typing this back in Hong Kong and I can’t help but be sad – China is a beautiful place and is a place that SEEMS more suitable to people like me who find happiness in things like music and skateboarding. In Hong Kong, the living standard is so high that bands in Hong Kong cannot survive just by playing in  a band – even HUGE bands like LMF must find other jobs so they can live. If you are a skateboarder in Hong Kong then don’t EVEN EVER think that you will be able to live just by skateboarding. Since the living standard is so high everyone MUST work in order to pay phone bills, rent, pay for food, clothing…since we are working so hard to live, we must sacrifice the things that we all REALLY WANT to do. In China, things are the opposite. Because China’s living standard is lower it gives bands, skateboarders, bikers, etc. more opportunity to take their lives to a professional level. Bands in China can survive by playing shows and tours. Skateboarders can survive skateboarding EVERYDAY because they can make money doing skateboard demonstrations and entering competitions. Its sad for us I think…we sacrifice our happiness so we can live. Which means, for us to live we must be unhappy…hmmmm….

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