Just updated our UPCOMING SHOWS section with information about our show on 26/8 – the purpose of the show is great and our friend Wong Chi Chung organized it. Check out all the information on that page.

BUT WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT NOW is about the LMF show last night (28/7). Last night we all went to go support LMF at their show in Wan Chai organized by Levi’s. As soon as I walked into the place I felt like something was wrong with the show. For the first time I noticed that this audience didn’t really support LMF. Why did they come? I was confused but I kept watching LMF anyway. They were on stage and they all were very tired because the night before at 2am 27/7 they played a show in Macau (Oh Mun) – at 2am!!! Can you believe that? We played at 1:30am once so we know how terrible and hard that is.

Anyway, after Macau they came back to HK and they didn’t have time to sleep because they still had to get their Taiwan visa’s so they can play in Taiwan the next day (today 29/7). We all know how hard it is to get a Taiwan visa – one day before their show in Taiwan they still did NOT have their visa’s. They were worried. Then when they got on stage most of them looked tired, did not have any energy or sound left in their voices. I felt bad for them but I was proud of them because they still continued to play this show because they know a lot of their fans would come to watch. So they played and used all the energy they had left.

THEN AFTER A FEW SONGS, a couple of Hong Kong’s STUPIDEST audience members started to yell at LMF saying “fuck off (tiu lei lo mo)”, “hurry the fuck up (fie lun di la). But the LMF guys just started laughing – I was standing in the back and I wanted to kill those audience members. It seems like every show now there seems to be a problem with audience members. Where is the respect gone? Even with this stupid asshole saying stupid shit to LMF, the LMF guys just laughed and continued to play – they were very professional. If this was King Ly Chee and somebody was saying stupid shit to us I would stop playing and talk to the person face to face.

LMF continued to play. Then after the last song when LMF was saying goodbye and thanking the audience – the same stupid fucking audience member started saying more “tiu lei tiu lei” shit. Finally, Kevin, Kit, Davy, Prodip and Fei were sick of this guy and they came running out to find him. I have never seen LMF so angry. If anybody knows or has EVER met LMF they will tell you that LMF are the nicest and most friendly guys. They have such big hearts and are ALWAYS willing to help people. These guys are always laughing and fucking around – this was the first time I’ve ever seen these guys really FUCKING angry.  But they couldn’t find the guy. He ran away. When LMF were on stage and there was a barrier between LMF and the guy, he was not scared to talk. But as soon as the show was over and LMF was free to take care of the situation, he ran away. Fucking piece of shit. AFTER THE WHOLE INCIDENT: I felt so bad for LMF. Friday night they played in Macau and they told me that the audience was so friendly and was really paying attention to LMF’s lyrics and what they said on stage.

On Sunday they are going to play in Taiwan, we’ve played in Taiwan before and we know how much they love and respect bands and music there. We know FOR SURE that LMF will be treated well there because Taiwanese people are generally friendly. How come in their own home (Hong Kong) they get treated like this? How come in their home it seems people have to attack them? How come in our OWN homes so many Hong Kong bands get attacked by Hong Kong people? By Hong Kong’s audience? BUT NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE THIS, and that’s what makes us ALL happy. Even last night, after the show when the LMF guys came out into the audience to find the stupid fuck I was happy to see so many HUNDREDS of Hong Kong people try to help find the guy! It was great!! Their was unity in the Hong Kong audience once again!!! EVERYBODY in the audience was looking for that stupid guy, even me – if all of us found him, I cannot imagine what would’ve happened. ANYWAY: This is just something I wanted to share with you. Only a few people were rude last night, there were still HUNDREDS of people supporting LMF. But we need to keep our eyes and ears open because there seems to be a fire burning at bandshows lately. It seems “respect” has been forgotten at bandshows lately. It is really simple, if you don’t like a band then DON’T come…so simple. Don’t ruin the show for OTHER people, don’t be selfish. If you don’t like a bands music then leave, go for a walk or go talk to your friends – BUT you still have to RESPECT the band and RESPECT those audience members who enjoy that band.

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