DECEMBER 9, 2001

Lately we have been very lucky at our shows…EVERY TIME we play a show in Hong Kong the audience reaction at our shows get better and better! When the audience reaction gets better and better, then our performance becomes better and better!!! So today – we WANT TO THANK EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAME ON STAGE AND DANCED, SANG, and STAGEDIVED (non-stop!!!)!!! You made last night very special for us…also: we want to thank Karen for organizing such a great show with such a beautiful cause. I believe she made a good amount of money to give to the charity organization!!! I’m sure they will appreciate Karen’s hard work!!! See you at the next show!!! (PS: Our good friend Zig Zag (drummer of a punk rock band in Hong Kong called Burning Grave) has video clips of the show on his website!!! CLICK HERE:

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