JUNE 21, 2003

more news on the July 1st protest…now large Christian organizations have pleaded to their followers to join the protest as well!!! oh my god – this is going to be HUGE…i’m more excited about this protest then our show on the 30th (but trust me, the show on the 30th is going to be awesome too). it has been circulated that all people who will take part in the protest wear ALL black clothing because it is a day of mourning. i DEFINITELY will…it is going to be one of the most memorable moments in HK’s history and we will remember this day to tell our children and grandchildren forever. other news: our stupid government decided that they will finally pass a law against racial discrimination next year. it took them more than 3 years to FINALLY think about this law and will still need ONE more year before they pass this. but article 23 was written and passed within one year – where’s their fucking priority! they rather appease the central government then work to help their own people in HK.

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