JUNE 28, 2003

what up yo…we didn’t get home from mixing the first song until around 6am last night!!! sorry for the late posting…a recent University of Hong Kong survey says 2/3’s of Hong Kong people are OPPOSED to article 23. the government still isn’t going to listen – i wonder if they sit in their offices at night and wonder, “why do HK people not support us?”. because you don’t listen! a government that doesn’t listen to its people is NOT a government that represents the people. you DON’T represent us – you represent yourselves. why would HK stand behind you? chi sin ah really…ANYWAY: last night before we started mixing the first song (Stand Strong – Kei Ngang) – we watched Jun and his band practice. they’re playing tonight for FREE at Western Market in Sheung Wan at 10pm…come down if you can – Kevin is going to play drums for him for one song! its going to be awesome…THEN: tomorrow is the Freedom music/arts festival and we hope it DOESN’T FUCKING RAIN!!! guan 36 probably has the worst luck in HK…every time we play – it rains. we’re thinking about changing our name to Guan Rain. what do you think? does that sound good? oh yippee – as i typed that last line – it started raining outside my window. andy has a joke with us – if you want to know if its going to rain on a saturday or sunday – just find out if Guan 36 is playing a show. chances are that it will rain…hahaha…remember there’s a new hardcore band called Hardihood that will be playing tomorrow!!! check out their website for MP3’s…they’re heavy!!! finally there’s ONE more hardcore band in Hong Kong!!! the 4th…LASTLY: it looks like a LOT of people are going to come to the show on monday night!!! AWESOME!!! its going to be fucking amazing…see you then!!!

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