JULY 30, 2003

okay…all the information for our next show at the HK Comics Festival is uploaded up above!!! the show is only $20 so NO excuses everyone!!! can’t wait…should be fun! OTHER NEWS: BIG BIG NEWS – our friends in Hardpack are looking for a new guitar player and bass player!!! if you fit the following criteria:

Love punk rock more than your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Willing to pay $500 each month for bandroom rent .

Able to perform some ass kicking bass line is preferable.

Over 17 years soild experience in being-a-dumb field.

Able to work under pressure.

Smokers are welcome.

Interested parties please contact us ICQ# 47011138 or [email protected]

then please get in touch with them right away!!! Hardpack have two of the nicest and funniest guys we’ve ever had the pleasure to become friends with in Hong Kong’s music community!!! we can’t say ENOUGH nice and positive things about our brothers in Hardpack…if punk rock flows in your blood like hardcore flows in ours, then get in touch with them RIGHT AWAY!!! we wish our bro’s the best of luck!!!

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