OCTOBER 29, 2003

we have over 50 people on our Street Team now!!! HOLY SHIT!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! that’s rad…in just over a week we were able to get that many people to volunteer their precious time and energy to help us – this tiny little band… :-)…more news later…ANYWAY: i haven’t talked about my kids at school in a long time and something funny happened yesterday so i want to share that with you. yesterday after i bought my lunch i was walking back to the elevator and i realized that i left something in the canteen so out loud i screamed “oh shit!”. right in front of me were 4 little girls and they looked at me startled and TOTALLY surprised!!! i looked at them and said, “you didn’t hear that did you?”. they said, “yes we did Mr. Farooqi!” HAHAHAHAHA…that was so embarrassing! anyway…a few more days – check out the timetable for all the bands that are going to be performing this sunday – we have it posted up above…the new Hatebreed album came out yesterday – i can’t wait until we get it in HK!!! want to hear it…

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