NOVEMBER 28, 2003

good news – bad news…which one would you like to read first? the good news i guess – i’ve uploaded one of the interviews that we’ve done recently – its up now in the PRESS section. its the BC mag interview – its super well written and we’re proud of having someone like Joyce (the reporter for BC) on our side helping us along the way. i also uploaded a short Milk interview that they did with me. they asked me to try this new STUPID product for them and to give them my comments. they totally CHANGED what i said – i said, “this is a terrible product. this is NOT fun at all and i would NEVER suggest anyone buy this product”. they changed it but oh well – it was still nice that they included some sentences about our album coming out. (what a great way to tie into the bad news…) now for the fucking horrible annoying full of shit bad news – as we’ve come to expect from our label – because of their inefficiency and unreliable nature, the album will NOT be released on time. they took too long returning a contract that they had to sign to our distribution/manufacturing company and so now the CD’s haven’t even been pressed. that means the CD have NOT even been made yet…i talked to the distribution company yesterday and they said that the fastest they can do it is next week. we’ve done so many interviews and people always ask us, “so what feelings do you guys have now that your CD is coming out?”. our first response is always, “TENSE! nervous!”. the reporter will ask, “why is that?”. we say, “because we’re scared that because of our label, the CD won’t come out on time”. i can’t believe we were actually right…even when you listen to “Zhou Band Si Gan” tomorrow night, you can hear me say it. again – i can’t believe i was right. we’ve gotten so used to them disappointing us that there really isn’t anything we can do anymore. that’s just their style and i’ve come to accept it. this has been a bad week for us – monday night we played a horrible show and wasted so MANY people’s time, then wednesday night my amp died while Guan 36 was practicing, and then yesterday we find out that our label made a BIG mistake and now our album won’t come out on time. lovely isn’t it? in english their is a saying, “when it rains – it pours” (chinese its: 禍不單行 / 屋漏兼逢連夜雨 (supplied by my awesome girlfriend :-). still – the strength of King Ly Chee is, even if things go bad to worse and everyday some OTHER bullshit happens to us – we can always just close our eyes and look at the BIGGER picture. looking at our own lives and the fact that we can actually spend our time PLAYING music – is already such a luxury. we are grateful that in our lives we were blessed to be able to have a day job that helps us have money to do things that we want to do. when we look at the lives of SO MANY other people in this world, who have to beg on the floor of dirty and unhygienic conditions for enough money to buy a piece of bread – the stuff that happens to us is NOT something bad at all. anyway…i still feel angry right now but there’s nothing we can do. the album will come out next week for sure. the date will be changed – but it will still come out. it still needs your help and faith…please continue to believe in it. this is all we have…

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