NOVEMBER 30, 2003

NOTE: our album will NOT be in stores today!!! today was when the album was supposed to be out… :-( oh well…just in case people don’t know – because our label took too long to return some important paperwork to our distributor/manufacturers of the CD, the CD will not be released today. because our label took so long, the actual production of the CD’s only started on friday. we hope that it will be released some time this week, but we don’t know anything yet. anyway: did any of you guys listen to the 組band時間 (zhou band si gan) interview last night? it was on MUCH earlier then i thought!! SUCKS!!! it was on at like 6pm instead of 8pm – i don’t know if Inti has changed the show time but i wasn’t aware of it…anyway – our good friend and SUPER reliable friend Yoshaki recorded the show for us so you can check it out by clicking HERE for PART 1 and HERE for PART 2. if you have time please check it out and let us know what you think of the songs!…the weather is SO nice and cold here!!! i love it!!! god…i went with my girlfriend to the area around Statue Square last night and it looks SO great!!! they’ve decorated that WHOLE area with Christmas ornaments and lights etc…it looks amazing…really Christmasy…really helps get you into the whole warm spirit of christmas…aiya – i wish our album was out today…hopefully it’ll be out this time next week…have a nice sunday everyone…

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