DECEMBER 18, 2003

just found out that our good friend Josie (Ho Chiu Yi) will be releasing her new album next week on December 22!!! i hope all of you who support us will give her music a chance – i’ve heard that its very electronic but either way, she has an AWESOME voice and i can’t wait to hear the whole album!!! it’ll be out next week so check it out…we are going to help her by selling her album at our show next week as well!!! ALSO – i forgot to mention, at next week’s King Ly Chee show we will ALSO be selling NEW t-shirts AND jackets!!! the t-shirts will be: HK$100 and the jackets will be: HK$150!!! so bring extra money!!! :-) just ONE more week until the show!!! we are playing around 15 songs at the show!!! its going to be INSANE!!! i think i might fall over and DIE after the show! hahahaha…we are going to need ALL of your help at our show. how can you help? by singing along EVERY song!!! can you do that? if we can stand on stage for 15 songs – can you jump around and singalong as well?! :-) LASTLY: i feel really old, i finally have a friend who has a child!!! OH MY GOD!!! i feel so old…this is a photo of my OLD OLD secondary school friend Sarah’s 18-month-old child Ruby: she is SO SO SO SO SO cute isn’t she!!! :-) hopefully she’ll grow up in a better world, a world safe and free from all the problems that we have today…beautiful little PURE children like Ruby are who we work so hard in King Ly Chee for…its their future that we want to protect…

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