DECEMBER 19, 2003

Tsim Sha Tsui HMV Charts for Canto (supplied by Czarina of Milk Magazine)
Ranking     Artist     Album Title
1     女子十二樂坊12 GIRLS BAND     奇蹟:女子十二樂坊現場音樂
2     VA     追憶林振強
3     王菲WONG, FAYE     將愛
4     古巨基KU, LEO     遊戲:基
5     VA     英皇精挑細選
6     VA     再現蒲公英
7     楊千嬅YEUNG, MIRIAM     新曲加精選
9     盧巧音LO, CANDY     花言巧語
10     VA     愛情蒲公英DANDELION LOVE
11     荔枝王KING LY CHEE     硬心
12     鄭融CHENG, STEPHANIE     成人對待
13     張偉文CHEUNG, DONALD     唱好女人演唱會
15     周杰倫CHOU, JAY     尋找周杰倫
17     容祖兒YUNG, JOEY     SHOW UP演唱會
18     劉德華LAU, ANDY     經典重現
19     蔡琴TSAI, CHIN     走過的歲月
20     梁靜茹LEUNG, FISH     戀愛的力量

so there’s the HMV music charts for the “Canto” section! HAHAHAHAHA…there we are on number 11! how crazy!!! thanks to Czarina from Milk for getting us this information directly from HMV. do you think we’ll still be there next week? i don’t think so – that’s why i need to run to take a photo of this before they remove us from the list! my girlfriend went to the Causeway Bay one last night and found out that we’re at number 13 over there. i didn’t know they had SEPARATE charts for each HMV – did you know that? i didn’t. NEXT: Ah Heng (Hardpack/Guan36) just sent me a website for a new punk rock band in Hong Kong called Milkshake 7!!! sounds SO good!!! they only have 2 songs on the site but i want to hear more!!! i’ve linked one song here so check it out by clicking on the name: 吹水王 this song has some blink influence in the drumming! they have great vocal harmonies and really awesome song arrangements!!!…check them out! support your local punk/hardcore bands!!! LASTLY: today’s my last day at school before the big 2 week Christmas holidays…i’m going to miss my kids so much!!! after being with them everyday for the past 5 months, they really become YOUR kids. they feel a part of you – i have children hugging me all the time and holding my hand and saying things such as “i love you Mr. Farooqi!”!!! that’s so amazing because at the beginning of the school year they were so shy and didn’t really want to talk. slowly they started getting really comfortable – and now they treat me like i’m a part of their lives. for the past week they’ve been giving me presents for christmas. for the past 3 days i come home with so many bags of presents – then my mom goes through all the bags as if they’re hers! :-) ok – gotta go to bed…so tired…go check out Milkshake 7!!! peace…

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