DECEMBER 24, 2003

i went to check out the venue yesterday – its HUGE!!! holy shit!!! its fucking ENORMOUS!!! i really hope a lot of people come to the show or its going to look REALLY bad! hahahaha…the last time they held a show there was when Beyond played. when Beyond played, 3 lights fell down from the ceiling of the venue! hahaha…paul keeps saying, “when we played 3 lights fell down. what the hell is going to happen when YOU guys play!”…we’d all like to know! should be interesting…the venue is right next to this BEAUTIFUL cathedral!!! when i saw it yesterday i stood there speechless looking at this beautiful building. i went inside and found out that this cathedral was built in 1900!!! its still here today!!! can you believe that the HK government did NOT tear it down? the HK government tears anything and EVERYTHING down, so its so surprising that they preserved one building at least. i don’t know about you, but i love looking at old buildings, old streets, old signs – things that REMIND me that Hong Kong HAS history. anyway, come to the show early so you can go look at this cathedral – its beautiful. ANYWAY: the sound is going to be insane that’s for sure. the company that’s doing sound for us is an amazing company with such a great attitude of wanting to do the best they can and make sure that the bands are happy with what’s going on. fucking rad! such a good attitude and its DEFINITELY going to help the entire atmosphere of the show. if the performers and staff are happy – that positive attitude will make it fun for everyone else that is involved. we got our jackets and t-shirts yesterday – they look GREAT!!! make sure you bring EXTRA money for the shirts and jackets!!! plus our good friend Josie’s album is in shops now – but we’ll also be selling her album at the show!!! bring even MORE extra money! :-) everyone was wearing the King Ly Chee jacket last night at Polar Bear – looked like we were all King Ly Chee staff! hahahaha…its 3:30am – so weird to be updating the site SO late – but i’m getting used to it…hey also – the venue is pretty hard to find so we are going to have some people standing outside giving directions to people. make sure you get there early in case you get lost! WAAH: there is SO MUCH to do today for this show!!! its crazy…

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