JANUARY 26, 2004

wow – what a HELL day yesterday…read about it in our diary…its 2am right now and i am on a plane back to my beautiful home, Hong Kong, at 8am. can’t wait to get home and see my girlfriend and relax for a bit…i took the day off from work because all our flights got screwed up. i was supposed to leave yesterday but couldn’t get a flight until today. anyway…will be back home in a little while! HO YEH!!! :-) its been a great tour…we made a lot of new friends and got to be a part of a lot of different communities. thailand and malaysia were both amazing and will remain the two places that impacted us the most. because of the hearts of the people there – their hospitality, their friendliness, their unselfish behavior has impacted us a lot as a band. singapore was fun too – the Sub Station show was a good way to end the tour. it was too bad we didn’t get to see the other bands though!!! i wanted to see a band called My Precious pretty badly…plus that band features a guy named Ronnie who plays drums in another singapore punk band called Plain Sunset. he’s such a nice guy!!! super friendly – he reminds me of the KL guys…the same pure heart and pure support…now we’re going to be back in HK and have to start working on a few shows that we’re going to be playing in Taiwan at the end of the month! :-) nothing is confirmed yet…but it looks like we’ll be back in our second home, Taiwan, soon!!! ho yeh…okay…gotta pack up so i can get to the airport on time! :-) SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS OF THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF US, BECOME FRIENDS WITH US, AND PROVE TO US JUST HOW PURE HARDCORE CAN BE!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU SHOWED US, A FELLOW ASIAN BAND!!! EVERYONE IN THAILAND – EVERYONE IN MALAYSIA – EVERYONE IN SINGAPORE WHO CAME TO SEE US, WHO PROMOTED US AMONGST YOUR FRIENDS AND SCENES…you guys will remain people that we are forever grateful to. no words can describe the emotions we have when we think about this entire tour. every stop there was a handful of people who were ready to carry our equipment around, to show us around their cities, to introduce us to their scenes through their bands or zines,  it was a dream come true for us. this was our first experience of touring through a number of countries and something we dream for doing soon again…thank you so much!!! we hope you guys stay in touch with us…we can’t wait to be back soon someday…

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