JANUARY 31, 2004

yesterday i had such a great day at school…we had a big school assembly for all the kids from kindergarten up to Grade 2 (primary 3). the purpose of the assembly was to celebrate the fact that all the children managed to raise $173,000 for a charity in China! they raised money by reading a certain amount of books – with each book they finished their parents, or other sponsors, would donate money. so the children spent about a week reading as many books as they could…and at the end of the week the total was calculated. the charity in china is called “Heifer Project” – a “Heifer” is a cow. so for yesterday’s assembly the school chose me and this other guy to dress up as a cow! hahahaha…i was the head and the other guy was the ass. so all the children were in the big gymnasium waiting and then the principal said, “we have a special guest today – its a Heifer!”. then we came out – but when i was wearing the cow mask i couldn’t see anything! HAHAHAHA…there was supposed to be another teacher who was supposed to guide us but he left! i whispered to my partner “yo man – the teacher isn’t here! i can’t see shit!” hahahaha…so i was in the front and i couldn’t see – i could just see the lines on the floor of the gym. so i followed those lines and then all of a sudden i came to a wall. i was like, “oh shit…”, then i made a 90 degree turn to the left and followed another line until i finally found where the principal was. i could hear her laughing so hard! so we stood next to her and when she said, “you kids managed to raise 173,000 dollars!” me and the other guy pretended to fall to the ground. the kids LOVED it! :-) they were laughing so hard. the funny thing was, most of the kids could see my shoes and they recognized my shoes!!! that’s so crazy!!! they kept screaming, “its mr. farooqi! its mr. farooqi!”. i can’t believe they recognized my shoes…making the kids so happy was so emotionally satisfying. later during the day the kids kept asking me to tell them the truth. they said, “we KNOW it was you inside the cow!!!”. i was like, “no way – it wasn’t me. i didn’t even go down to the gym. i was up here in the classroom doing my work”. when they didn’t believe me, they said “but we saw your shoes and your pants!!! it was you!!!”.  i then said, “i was up here in the classroom then i fell asleep, when i woke up my pants and my shoes were gone! someone stole them!!!”. HAHAHAHAHA…some of them actually believed me! i love 5 year olds – they’ll believe ANYTHING teachers tell them…:-) i don’t think they’ve figured it out YET. :-)

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