MAY 26, 2004

i was so wrong – the new Throwdown video is online now…but don’t get too excited – it sucks. its probably one of the most disappointing video’s i’ve seen it. they’re a good band – but they keep trying to have this “tough” guy image when the whole band is really skinny and small! hahaha…in this video they have a bunch of guys doing some street fighting stuff that just looks stupid. it doesn’t even make sense because the lyrics are about being straight edge and how its a family to look out for each other. what does fighting have to do with this positive message? who knows – maybe i wasn’t watching the video close enough. i watched like 2 seconds then got bored and turned off…anyway – if you want to see it then click HERE!!! tnothing else interesting to type today sorry…oh – they’re going to be making 2 NEW MTR lines on HK Island! but the weird thing is – both these lines are going to be making a circle from Sheung Wan to Wong Chuk Hang and back…on train line will go from Sheung Wan to the Cyberport and then to Wong Chuk hang…the other line will go from Sheung Wan to admiraly to Happy Valley and then to Wong Chuk Hang…but how come none of these lines are going to try to get to stanley or shek o? i know it’d be weird to have an MTR station in these places – but i’d still like to know. anyway…going to bed – did you guys read those articles? pretty damn long…

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