MAY 29, 2004

checked out the Avenue of Stars in TST last night (you know the one behind the New World Center) – pretty lame…but i always love walking in that area because you get to see just how beautiful our harbor is. our city at night looks majestic like we really are the center of the world…but then morning comes and all the beauty dissipates through the air and turns into stress and anxiety that lands on people’s faces. they trudge through the rest of the day being shit upon by their bosses or people who think are their bosses until the work day ends. then its a mission to get on the impolite mass transit amongst the throngs of other stressed out people and try not to puke by the pungent stench of sweat and BO on the crowded MTR’s, buses etc…then you finally get off the said transportation, pat yourself on the back on remarkably stopping yourself from puking and make your way home. then night comes back once again and if you’re lucky, you find yourself sitting next to the person you love and look across the harbor and sit back and take in the beauty of the city, which hours ago looked like a sick and twisted horror movie. so is the life of living in a bustling city of Hong Kong…ANYWAY: found this message on the internet last night about a friends band called 22 Cats – it looks like they’re releasing an album on a label that is funnily enough called Harbor Records. here’s the message about a show going on tonight for them i guess…i’ll probably try to go to check them out and pick up their new CD which will be on sale tonight:
維港唱片 明天出貓!
22 Cats – 初夜出碟派對
bands: False Alarm, My Little Airport, 在草地上
Time :7:30pm
Venue :7 Shing Yip Street, Room 1301-1302 Fibres & Fabrics Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong (MTR~B)
觀塘成業街7號經緯工業中心 1301-1302室(電梯12字,上一層) (地鐵站B出口)摩登倉對面
Ticket : $50, $70(with 22 Cats’ hottest mini album “All The Good People Will Shine’)
More Details : 97021589 Por
ANYWAY: updated info about the June 25th show…all the bands are finalized, unfortunately 5 Disciplines won’t be playing (SUCKS!!! i wanted to see them…) but others are. i also posted 2 new advertisements about people looking for band members – one of them is 5 Disciplines – they’re looking for another guitar player to complete their sound. for all those of you who have a passion for hardcore please give these guys a call. they’re one of the most dedicated bands in HK to hardcore with the entire band made of people who have committed themselves to hardcore at the same time respecting other music as well. they’re great people with awesome ideas for a unique hardcore sound…i know they’re too nice to say this – but from too much experience in this field, if you don’t give a shit about hardcore or are just into it for the music, then don’t bother calling them. ANYWAY – check out the advertisement on this PAGE…

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