JULY 21, 2004

DUDE!!! two weeks from today King Ly Chee will be playing their first show in the Philippines!!! :-) canNOT wait to get there and to rock out with all the Filipino bands and checking out their lifestyles…must be SO different from ours up here in hectic fast-paced crazy land…hahaha…NEXT: only a few more days until our show!!! can’t wait for that too…Ming is rocking HARD on our songs and he sounds great…he’s going to be totally ready to rip shit up on saturday! thanks Ming for always being ready to help us out! :-) so people are getting sick right and left – so please be careful, especially be careful of what you EAT!!! friends of ours have been getting sick a lot recently…alright – going over to our FORUM to see what messages you guys have posted up there! :-) seeya…

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