JULY 22, 2004

dude – we’ve practiced everyday this week with Ming…hahaha…its crazy…he picked up pretty damn naturally…also – i forgot that my most recent article in BC magazine is up online now so go over to our FORUM to check it out…the link will can be found in the topic titled “Punk explosion” – somewhere in there i’ve put up the link…a few days ago i read an article about some retarded man, who has two children, who got caught with child pornography on his computer. this world will never cease to amaze me – amaze me as to the amount of filth and shit pollute this planet. he’s got two children – so he doesn’t mind if some disgusting old men were looking at disgusting and WARPED photo’s of his own children? what the hell!? this guy is going to go to jail but not for enough time if you ask me…just when you think you’ve heard the worst, something even more disgusting comes along. HK is getting tough on child pornography and its ABOUT TIME.

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