JULY 23, 2004

go over to our forum because there are some awesome messages up there (one regarding PETA…another one is a posting i made with 4 MP3’s of AWESOME hardcore bands you guys should check out…and other stuff)…also – Levi’s is organizing a big show on August 28th that is going to be an all day-music extravaganza and they need YOU to be in their poster! so they’ve asked that any of YOU who can make it to the Warehouse at 2pm, please come up to be in the photo for the poster. EACH PERSON THAT COMES WILL RECEIVE A $300 Levi’s GIFT COUPON!!! so if you can come – just go to the Warehouse early at 2pm…oh by the way, if you’re there at 2pm – might as well just stay the whole day since we’re playing later as well! :-) CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT!!! hopefully you guys can ALL make it!!! we aren’t playing any new songs because kevin can’t play tomorrow night – but its still going to be fun to play…we started a brand new song last night that has a nice Motley Crue/old 80’s metal feel! hahahaha… :-) its so awesome…can’t wait until we start recording our next album – its going to be SOOOO good! hahahahaha…see you tomorrow night!!!

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