JULY 28, 2004

last night Heng, some of the ATP guys, and i went to watch a huge concert at the Wan Chai convention centre – Hahn (Paul’s band), Edison, Lum Yut Fung, At 17, Miriam Yeung and the god AWFUL twins performed. all the artists were really REALLY good i thought, the worst, and i mean the worst, were Twins. twins performed first and they can’t sing and they can’t dance. but they got off the stage fast and then the REAL music began – Lum Yut Fung came on stage and played his famous acoustic songs and he was SOOOOOOOOO good…as always. after that was Edison Chen who came on with Ah Yan and two other rappers. surprisingly, i thought it was pretty good! then some new girl came on – but her songs sound exactly the same as every other mainstream singer in HK so i don’t remember anything about her. after that, Paul and Hahn came on and that was fucking RAD!!! :-) it was awesome to hear some pure rock at the concert – Paul played all of his heavier songs (why didn’t he do this when he opened up for Korn?). anyway – after that i think it was Miriam’s turn and she played together with At 17 which was cool…sounded good. anyway, came home and thought it was surprisingly a pretty cool night! all of these people are considered “mainstream” artists and they all did a great job to display their music and their TRUE talent…the only ones that sucked were the first ones. ANYWAY: pretty interesting night…i came home and found out that the show on saturday is FULL seating!!! THAT SUCKS!!! we are trying to find out now if the security will stop our audience from jumping around and having fun!!! I HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE FREE TO HAVE FUN AT THIS SHOW!!! we didn’t know that it was FULL seating until today…sucks!!! we’ll find out more info soon…

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