AUGUST 26, 2004

wow – had such an awesome night last night! we had a total of 18 people come up to the studio to help us record backing vocals!!! :-) that included band members from Attention to Piss, Hardpack, Guan 36, 5 Disciplines, Die in Velvet, KLC, and friends like Ka Ho, Ming Wai, Kit + friend…it was SO awesome to see them all their hanging out and screaming the words! :-) after they left i realized that i had sung the wrong lyrics to some of the parts so i had to RE-record some of my vocals which was annoying…its now 12:52am and i have to go to sleep IMMEDIATELY because i have to get up at 6…okay goodnight…THANKS to all our friends who came out to add their magic to our song!!! trust me – it sounds SOOOOOOOOO good!!! they did an awesome job…can’t wait til the rest of you get to hear it! :-)

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