AUGUST 27, 2004

yeah that’s right…frickin’ typhoon signal #1 is up now and the big huge outdoor Levi’s festival is tomorrow…SUCKS…its supposed to go up to 3 today and then who knows what’s going to happen…last night we started another new song and the lyrics, according to alex, are going to pissed off. VERY angry lyrics…we’ve never had lyrics like this and i have a feeling that even for me, it will be VERY easy to write a bunch of angry lyrics…don’t know exactly how to explain this – but sometimes when i singalong to Bleeding Through’s crazy pissed off lyrics like “I’ll see your face in hell” or “I hope you see my face on your deathbed”…gets me some sort of emotional relief…not that i actually want to hurt someone – but screaming out those words makes me feel like i’ve gotten rid of any negative emotions i have inside my heart…it also doesn’t help that i’ve been watching the Bleeding Through DVD every frickin’ day! :-) i’ve gotten the Hardpack dudes all hooked on Bleeding Through too (except KK – he hates any type of screaming hahaha…). SO – yes, we’ll finally have one song with some lyrics that’ll probably make you wonder if we’ve gone crazy! :-) you probably think that already…so typhoon in town – maybe means show cancelled or postponed…who knows…see ya tomorrow hopefully!

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