SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

yo good news!!! our good friend “bob” is in the process of making Hong Kong’s very OWN purevolume!!! :-) he’s been showing me the first draft’s of it and it looks great…i’m giving him more feedback to modify it and then hopefully he’ll launch it soon! its going to be crazy – ANY band can have their own page up on it…this will help bands like us who use 300MB’s on our own website and we waste a lot of space with MP3’s…thanks bob for doing this!!! its going to be awesome…NEXT: if we have any supporters in Japan – we’ve sent copies of our CD’s to a distributor there who should get it on monday!!! we’re so excited that they’ll FINALLY be available there!!! that means – hopefully by next summer we can make our first trip to japan…that’s going to be rad if it happens…okay – hopefully all of you had a nice mid-autumn celebration last night! i stayed home because mid-autumn festival functions around HK are always SOOOOO full of people that i just get annoyed…hahaha…i stayed home with a lot of people and just hung out on ICQ…see ya…

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