NOVEMBER 22, 2004

seems like all hell is breaking loose with the Democratic Party in hong kong…their head is resigning so its a bit weird where the fate of this party is headed. i used to be a supporter but who knows where they’re headed in the future…still stand by my earlier statement that there really isn’t ONE party in HK that represents me and many of the younger generation of HK. i read in the newspaper yesterday about a village in Yuen Long where a small group of the local chinese residents have been saying a lot of ridiculous racist things about Muslims who are praying in the area. one of the STUPID comments made by the residents is that if a mosque is opened in the area, that this will mean more crime in the area. WHAT?! the reporter asked this person if there have been any crimes from Muslims in the area – and the person replied, “no there hasn’t been any”. OH MY GOD – this is the type of ignorance that needs to be erased from hong kong immediately. the sad thing is that these comments come from adults – people who SHOULD be rational and well-educated. ESPECIALLY if they have children! if children hear their own parents say stupid things like these about people of different races, religion and color – then those kids will grow up thinking it is OKAY to say stuff like this. IT IS NOT OKAY!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh…so annoying…hey – went to watch a movie called “Bride and Prejudice” the other day…pretty funny movie, if you like “bend it like beckham” then you’ll like this. actually – its NOT similar at all. the whole movie is based on what a typical movie from India would look like – its pretty funny! but i don’t think you’ll understand it unless you’ve seen indian movies and know how ridiculous those movies can be! hahahaha…

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