NOVEMBER 23, 2004

found out we sold a pretty good number of DVD’s at HMV in tsim sha tsui…pretty good because we had no money to do any promotions, so there are no posters, no advertisements, nothing – so the ONLY way people know that the DVD has been released is through our website and because of YOU guys and girls! :-) thanks for helping out by letting more people know that the DVD is out…we have no idea what our label has done to promote it either, probably nothing as always. anyway…thanks to all of you for buying it…all of you overseas that have been buying stuff online, thank you so much!!! please let more people know that the online shop is up and its safe…so far every SINGLE order has been received so that’s a great great sign! :-) of course, that’s because HK’s post service is one of the best in the world – safe, honest and reliable…

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