DECEMBER 15, 2004

t-shirts are done and andy is going over today to pick them up…andy was sick two days ago, alex was sick yesterday, and i’ve been sick all week…this sucks!!! we need to get stuff done before this tour and we really need to get BETTER before we start the tour…looks like alex and i won’t be able to finish the vocals before the tour starts…SUCKS…oh well…hey – check out that awesome photo of a girl in my school who was cold yesterday when she was playing on the playground, so i gave her my jacket to wear and she was so happy about it that she ran around all over the playground! hahaha…i HAD to get a photo of her cause she looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! i’m telling you man – we get our supporters trained at a very young age – she’s only 6! :-) hope we’ll get better soon damn it…throat is feeling crappy right now – drinking lots of vitamin C and lots of water…

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