DECEMBER 16, 2004

the shirts are safely placed in our bandroom until we meet tonight to divide them all up!!! andy has seen them and he says they look great!!! woohoo…nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you finally hold the final product of something you’ve designed or produced in your own hands…can’t wait to check them out…we’ve been so busy that we haven’t even had time to go through some old songs that we have that we MIGHT play on this tour – songs like: To Pao, Lik Kit, Stand Strong, Sickened Eyes…so we’ll be going through them all tonight which will be tiring! of course, the majority of the tour songs are going to be the brand new ones!!! woohoo – can’t wait to explode into a set with our new stuff and throw in some old ones here and there…also – we got the details for the Singapore show!!! its on our main page…being held at a bar called Zombie bar…something like that…if you need help finding it just email the contact or call him (all the info is on the flyer that we linked on to the site)…one more day!!! :-)

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