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JANUARY 31, 2005

damn…the end of yet ANOTHER month!!! to all our younger supporters – once you get older, you’ll notice how FAST days fly by…its insane…a year goes by just LIKE THAT – next thing you know, you’re almost 30…alright – our next show is this Saturday and it’ll be Ming’s first show with us!!! we’re SO excited about this!!! we’re excited to show our boy Ming to all of you – remember that he’s only been practicing with us for 3 weeks!!! its crazy how fast he picked stuff up…he’s good now, but a year from now he’s going to be INSANE!!! we’ll be playing the following songs:
Your Heart of Gold

*possibly Children as well…
it may seem like a short list to you – but in 3 weeks for someone to pick up 7 songs isn’t a joke!!! its crazy seriously…a few of them are rough – but we’re going to play them anyway because
A) 星期六的場地是很小所以我們非常開心 – 因為通常﹐ 小地方的氣氛是最好。。。因為你們支持者全部是很近﹗﹗﹗ woohoo!!! the venue on saturday is TINY – which means that the atmosphere inside is going to be GREAT because all of YOU will be right in front of us!!! just the way we like it…
B) 是我們兄弟Ming 的第一場表演 Ming’s first show dude!!! :-)
C) 這場是一個charity show…the show is a charity show for the Tsunami tragedy…
D) 這場 show 開始﹐ 我們的好朋友chloe會幫我們唱Refuse中間的位。。。如果有別的女孩也想一起唱這個part – 一起來了﹗﹗﹗不要怕﹗﹗﹗我們一定非常歡迎你們﹗﹗﹗starting this show – our good friend Chloe will be singing “Kit’s” part in the song “Refuse”!!! SO – if any of you girls want to sing along to this part of the song – please COME CLOSE TO US AND SINGALONG INTO THE MIC!!!


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JANUARY 30, 2005

我想今天的message送給趙紫陽。。。even in his death, one man can scare the massive Communist Party to the point where HUGE security measures needed to be arranged for his funeral – undignified…placed in a smaller room of the funeral hall…attended by a STRICT STRICT list of people…during his funeral many others who lived in Beijing were placed under house arrest because the government was in fear of another protest from the public…no matter what, whether 趙紫陽 is alive or dead – the government lives in fear…even in his death – the eulogy given HAD to say that he made mistakes. eulogies are usually left to celebrate someone’s life – negative comments are usually left out of RESPECT for the person’s life. after all, 趙紫陽 was a party leader – but even death he isn’t given the respect any other party leader would’ve been given…it was a sad funeral – even though i was nowhere near it – sitting here in HK and watching the grainy images of it on TV (all media were banned from filming it) and reading about it in today’s newspapers put me in a very somber mood…if you were old enough to remember June 4 – please take some time today to think about this incredible man’s life – someone who even in his old age of 85 was still under house arrest for siding with his conscience in favor of the students…i wouldn’t be surprised if this website was blocked today – the government is VERY sensitive about this man’s passing…

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JANUARY 29, 2005

cool – a week from today is our first show with Ming!! i can’t believe how fast he’s learned so many of our songs…poor guy has had to work 100 times as hard to get all the parts down! and let me tell you – its no easy task working with me or andy who remember EVERY single beat and will gladly point out parts that weren’t perfect! sorry ming!!! :-) hahahaha…the dude probably hates us by now but is such a cool guy that he probably doesn’t care how retarded andy and i can be! hahahaha…but the whole band agrees, the most amazing so far has been Bong – Bong is our new bass player and is NOT a bass player! he’s actually a guitar player and unlike Ming, who has played with us before, Bong has never jammed with KLC before. so for him to pick up the bass, learn the songs, feel the bass, play along AS WELL AS help us write parts for songs!!!, its unbelievable how far he has come!!! we’ve only been jamming for 2 or so weeks with these guys…its a lot of pressure for them to learn so many songs SO fast!!! so please encourage them both!!! thanks guys!!! we can’t wait til April 2 to play our first show as the new and improved King Ly Chee!!! :-) i LOVE The Bled by the way…good band…

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JANUARY 28, 2005

yo yo yo…check it out: 我們的好朋友Hardpack finally 有一個新網頁﹗﹗﹗ our good friends Hardpack finally have a new website! check it out here: 我們另外的好朋友﹕Shepherds the Weak 也有一個新網頁﹐ our other good friends Shepherds the Weak also have a new website click here: ENJOY!!!

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JANUARY 27, 2005

我們的特手蕫建華is in a lot of trouble AGAIN! more and more proof is coming out that the government will gladly bend over BACKWARDS for big businesses without consulting the public…the new harbor reclamation project, and now information about the Cyberport…the majority of the public has known this for years – but lawmakers are finally receiving the proof they need…蕫先生﹕你還有兩年﹐ 你為什想這樣end你的rule? you’re going to leave being one of HK’s most despised people.

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