FEBRUARY 19, 2005

yo yo…its back to being cold in HK!!! woohoo!!! this is my favorite time of the year…when its so frickin’ cold that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and could, if possible, sleep for the rest of your life…but what fun would that be? you wouldn’t get to see amazing little children grow up and become whatever their heart desires – you wouldn’t get to see the future of a city that you love – you wouldn’t get to see the future of what YOU could become…sleeping for me, is a necessity, but not something i long for…what am i talking about in this message?! i have no idea…i just felt like getting online and typing whatever comes streaming out of my fingertips…we start recording drums today!!! super super excited…ming’s been working on getting the drums down as close to perfect as he can…bong has learned the two new songs and is no longer in heart attack mode! :-) these two dudes rule…alright – wish him luck! peace…

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