MARCH 31, 2005

can someone PLEASE explain HK’s weather to me!!! what is going on?!?!?! seriously – sunday and monday were super crazy hot…i was wearing shorts both of those days just hanging out walking around HK…then i get back to work on tuesday and yesterday and its FREEZING again! last night i had to wear two jackets to band practice…craziness…now its raining and will probably rain all week…we are supposed to have a beach field trip today with the kids – but that’s going to be cancelled for sure…oh well…what has been going on with the news? i have NO idea!!! since my master’s degree started last week – i have barely had ANY time to keep myself up to date…i have to do SO MUCH reading for my studies for some reason, i don’t feel like reading anything else…this sucks… :-( for the next two years – until i finish this course, my life is going to have to be rearranged…this week is crazy too because of the show on saturday that i’m organizing…our good friends in My Precious will be arriving tomorrow and its their first time to HK so i can’t wait to show them around! then the show on saturday and we have to get everything set up for that, as well as do last minute band practice on tuesday…its nuts man…on top of that – i have assignments that are due on saturday!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! then i have a big powerpoint presentation due next tuesday…someone kill me…i’ll get over it…hahahaha…

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