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APRIL 30, 2005

請注意: 這兩首歌在我們自己band房錄音的…所以我們希望你們不介意如果錄音的聲音不是最理想… :-)
please keep in mind these songs were ALL recorded IN OUR BANDROOM!!! :-) NOT in a studio…so if it doesn’t sound perfect – please understand! thanks…

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APRIL 28, 2005

here’s a fun photo of my volunteer work with some south asian kids in HK…my girlfriend and i have been volunteering to help take care of kids who come from poor backgrounds in HK. they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! there are two Nepalese girls who are quite possibly the cutest girls in the world (both 6 years old)…so cute…this is me teaching all the kids a hand clapping game that i learned from my kids at my school! :-)

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APRIL 27, 2005

alright – as you have seen from one of our intro pages (yes i know there are too many – we have 3 now…but i can’t get rid of any of those – they all mean so much to us…) – we are FINALLY going to be uploading two new songs! the songs are called “Detach Me” and “Terror”! :-) woohoo…unfortunately for us, we already have two even NEWER songs but it will take awhile before we record those. ANYWAY – the songs were recorded in our own bandroom with stuff that we’ve bought – sounds pretty good we think! but please don’t expect it to sound like a regular recording studio. a few times i was recording a quiet vocal part and someone was using the bathroom and you can hear the flushing on the recording! hahahaha…so i’d have to record it again. ANYWAY – we can’t wait for you guys/girls to check it out…we’re mixing it all ourselves and since we’re NOT using a computer to do this – its a bit harder but fun at the same time. ALSO: looks like we have a show on May 28th…WOOHOO! its back at the warehouse – (i feel like this is slowly becoming the ONLY place we play :-( but oh well…) we’ll obviously be playing these new songs then…alright – going to bed…seeya…check out the forum – i uploaded a great video by an awesome korean hardcore band called Vassline…also Avenged Sevenfold’s new song has also been linked on our forum…

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APRIL 25, 2005

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE POSTED YOUR Idea’s ON OUR FORUM!!! it is SO helpful to hear your views…it is SO helpful to hear the views ESPECIALLY of our sisters in the audience. your thoughts are the most important because this is all about YOU – making sure you FEEL safe, making sure that you FEEL like everyone is respecting you…that is the whole point.
we are ESPECIALLY thankful for comments from those girls who had this type of terrible experience –
thank you for doing this – hopefully you understand, that by talking about this – we are ALL hopefully making sure this doesn’t happen again.
the best idea’s on the forum seem to be:
1) Girls should come to shows with guy friends
2) The Breakdown Squad are going to be the PEOPLE that ANYONE can come to for help in the pit…all our Breakdown Squad brothers and sisters are King Ly Chee’s VERY CLOSE friends – they are a part of King Ly Chee so we TRUST them like we TRUST each other in the band.
*i especially like the point, that even if you DON’T know the breakdown squad people, please do not be shy to just stand next to them – i think even if you just stand next to them, it will help. like we have said – our breakdown squad brothers/sisters are all close friends – they ALL have big hearts and care about all of you.

the most important thing now is to make sure that all our sisters still feel safe in the audience…hopefully when they see the audience has MANY Breakdown Squad people there, then they SHOULD feel safe…

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APRIL 23, 2005

OKAY – as i’ve promised here’s what i want to talk about…this is important so instead of me using my horrible chinese to type it out, i’ve asked my sweet girlfriend to write this:

近日收到一女仔投訴在band show 中遭胸襲 — 不是普通的碰撞,而是擺明車馬的伸出魔爪﹗﹗﹗ 對於這種無恥行為,我們感到非常的震驚及憤怒﹗﹗﹗

很多朋友都視看band show為一個正面發泄情緒的方法, 而大家之所以能夠玩得盡情、玩得安心是我們相信圍繞身邊的都是「自己人」。 現在竟然發現有人利用在音樂聲浪很大、人很多或大家情緒高漲的時候去佔女仔的便宜﹗

King Ly Chee 懇請各位兄弟幫忙「睇住」各位姐妹,令渾水摸魚的無恥之徒無法得逞﹗

我們希望收集各位的建議以防止同類事件再次發生,請按這裡 在我們Forum上發表意見(你不必發表批評,因為我們需要收集有建設性的提議)。

after our last show – i received an SMS message from a girl who was at our show. (the same show that someone got hurt in…) she sent me a message saying that she did not want to trouble me but she wanted to tell me something that happened to her.

while she was watching the show having fun with friends, she noticed a boy with a hat standing too close to her. so she moved, when she moved he followed her again. then the boy started to put his arms around her and touch her.

i have heard other stories about this happening and it usually happens at bigger shows.

we are all part of one big family and everyone at our shows are our brother and sister. when we look into the audience we see faces of our family releasing their emotions in a positive way. everyone is ABLE to do this because we all feel SAFE around each other.  we feel SAFE because we have TRUST in each other…

once the trust is broken – the show is finished.

we have always trusted our family in the audience to protect each other. but we’ve now realized that sometimes, the music is too loud, or there are too many people, or everyone is so “high”, that a very important part of our family, the girls, are being taken advantage of.

i am here now to BEG all of our brothers in the audience to please watch out for our sisters. we want to make sure our sisters ARE safe in the audience. we know that the brothers who come to our show, are there to support the band and the message. they are not there to do some stupid shit.

THE WHOLE BAND BEGS YOU in the audience to please watch out for our sisters…if anything happens then try to give us a signal in between the songs!!!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING YOUR IDEAS ON OUR FORUM – please click HERE here to post your IDEAS (we are not looking for comments – we need your ideas of what people can do)…

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