APRIL 20, 2005

alright…for those who weren’t at the show last night…in our second song, someone jumped off the stage and got hurt…he stagedived and no one caught him…then he was out and hurt his arm and leg…the show had to be cut because the organizers got into trouble by the managers of the Hall…we all feel very bad for the organizers because they were trying SO hard to make the show fun for everyone. it makes us sad, when people say “fuck you” to organizers who are TRYING SO HARD to help everyone. so, TO THE ORGANIZERS – we are VERY THANKFUL for EVERYTHING you ALL were trying to do to make the show fun. people need to remember – MANY TIMES, its NOT the organizers who are making the decisions. last night, the managers of the hall were being very tough on the organizers. ANYWAY: the guy that got hurt, his name is Zhun Chai and he had to be taken to the hospital. we don’t know if he’s okay right now. hopefully he’s alright, he was smiling by the end of the show so hopefully he’s okay. FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STAGEDIVE 喜歡stagedive的朋友!!! PLEASE PLEASE remember 請注意- 如果你想stagedive, 你有記住準備的人接你!!! 如果我們的支持者不是安全那這是一個很大的問題…所以玩開心的時候最重要是小心一點…BEFORE you stagedive make sure people are READY to catch you!!! PLEASE!!! you NEED to be careful!!! don’t just jump out and EXPECT people will catch you…you must get people ready…oh well…anyway – bad night…最後想說: 對不起大家…對不起昨天晚上的organizers…對不起我們之後的樂隊 – 他們沒有機會表演…我們非常希望昨天晚上受傷的人今天沒有事…sorry to everyone who came to the show especially to watch us play and who wanted to sing along with us…:-( we are very sorry for everything that happened last night! :-( please accept our apologies…

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