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AUGUST 31, 2005

our good friend Chantal (the girl who designed our two awesome new t-shirts) has started work on our King Ly Chee/Good Reason split CD!!! it looks awesome!!! we’re going to go into Touch Music studio in october to record the 4 songs that will be released on that split CD with Good Reason…we’re finishing up writing a brand new song especially for that CD – then we’ll re-record some of the demo’s you’ve heard already – but of course they’ll sound SO MUCH better because they’ll actually be recorded in a studio…

i uploaded a new Unearth interview on our forum…not very interesting but still fun reading it…

the new The Bled and Every Time I Die records rule…so good…if you haven’t gotten it yet then you should DEFINITELY check it out…

we’ve been invited to be featured on a possible 3-way split CD next year with a French band, US band and us!!! that’s going to be AWESOME!!! but that’ll be some time next year…

i have no idea when we’re going to be able to start recording our next album…right now – for all these split CD’s that we’re doing we have to pay for the recordings ourselves and they’re SOOOOOOOOOOO expensive to record in this city…hopefully we’ll be able to make some money from the split CD’s and save that to record our next album…

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AUGUST 30, 2005

okay…set the rundown for this weekend:

1. Izzue.crap
2. Sau Kin Sau Mun
3. Terror
4. Sister
5. Detach Me
6. She
7. Refuse…

should be fun…we tried to jam on the rundown last night but there are certain parts where my wrist REALLY frickin’ hurts!!! what the hell…its so annoying…i’m going to have to simplify some stuff because my wrist is killing me…hopefully by saturday i’ll be back 100%…

also – remember to bring extra money to the show on saturday! we’ll be selling our t-shirts, pins, etc…at that show! can’t wait:

t-shirts: $100
pins: $5

no – we don’t have girl sizes…and for all those guy’s who like to wear skin tight t-shirts (all the wannabe emo kids) – sorry we don’t have XXXXXXXXXS either…for the girls – we’ll try to make girl size some time soon…for all the boys who want skin tight shirts – just buy the girls size whenever it comes out.

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AUGUST 29, 2005

hey – thanks to the people who have sent me nice messages asking about my wrist! man – its so cool to have so many friends out there…my wrist feels better but it still hurts to play guitar – which is weird…i have NEVER in my life EVER hurt my hands so much that i can’t play guitar…so its weird – i still play though…there are certain things that i can’t play cause it hurts…hopefully it’ll be ready by saturday…

how does a 7 year old boy get attacked by knives? so far reports are saying that this was a relative…what? there are evil people wandering this planet…truly purely evil…
AUGUST 28, 2005:
dude…i hurt my wrist last night at the show! sucks – we didn’t even play…but i waited all day to have some fun moshing and finally i got my chance with Irresistible Hearts were on…i think i hit someone or something and totally hurt my wrist…i hope i can still play the guitar!!! we have a show next saturday!!!…

on October 1st we’re playing a cool show at the old cattle depot in To Kwa Wan – its part of an annual Book Festival that they have there…if you’ve never been to this place then certainly don’t miss it…its an incredibly inspiring little place. it used to be a cattle depot but has turned into a haven all types of art. its an art gallery and houses many different types of artistic endeavors and projects. every year they have a book fair and hold a show…this year they were nice enough to invite us to play!

here’s a link for more information:

thanks to everyone who bought t-shirts and pins last night!!! that was so nice of all of you! we didn’t even play but people were still supporting us!!! :-) such an awesome feeling…the bands last night were all awesome and did the best they could with the strange audio system they had. our good friend Zams was in charge of sound and he did a GREAT job trying to get the best sound he could for the bands…Very Ape ripped shit up…i love that band…okay – my wrist hurts…going to bed…

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AUGUST 26, 2005

hey – good news for all of you that will be going to the Cheung Chau bandshow tomorrow! we will be selling our t-shirts and pins, etc…we’ll be selling it for at our normal show price:

t-shirts = $100
pins = $5
CD’s = $60
DVD’s = $50

so bring extra money to the show tomorrow and get all your KLC goodies!!! :-)

we’ve realized that for our European split CD with the band Good Reason – that we’re going to need to go into a studio AND we need to write a special song just for THAT release…so its going to be badass…getting all these new songs done and all these split CD’s out…WOOHOO!!!

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AUGUST 25, 2005:

woah – did you hear about the judge’s ruling on gay marriage? wow – something shocking for HK!!!

dude…the whole Ozzfest vs. Iron Maiden debacle is getting bigger…supposedly sharon osbourne posted something on the ozzfest website about it – and Iron Maiden won’t respond. but their manager responded…you should read it…its crazy…

hey – Records Rendezvous got a BUNCH of new INSANE stuff into the shop…go check out what they got HERE

our touch music pals have posted ALL the shops in HK that are selling the compilation CD NOW!!! this is the compilation CD with our song “Children” on it – the new and improved version…check out the list of shops here and go buy it TODAY!!! I WANT HK MUSIC!!!

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