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SEPTEMBER 30, 2005

woohoo…our next show is tomorrow! :-) we’ve got our good friend Zams who is going to do sound at the show for us…that’ll be nice – it’ll be nice to get someone who is actually INTO our music to do our sound for us…

can’t wait to see all of you at the show tomorrow! its a cool place…its nice to be back there…

we found out yesterday that our good friends Ben and Nic will be playing at our October 15th show! :-) we’re psyched…they play in a band called The Lovesong that we all think RULE!!! :-) having these two in it just makes the whole damn thing even better! :-) check out their music here:

see you at the show tomorrow…we’ll be there around 4pm…come by and say hello!

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2005

yo…was on the “after school” bus from my school to one of my guitar students homes yesterday…the school bus was full of kids from 6 years to about 9-10 years old…some of the older kids (9-10) are beginning to listen to heavy music…EVERY SINGLE kid that i asked (boy at least) what they were listening to in their Ipod’s or MP3 players was Linkin’ Park…its crazy – its crazy how much of a stranglehold this band has on the youth all over the world…i don’t think its a bad thing…i just thought it was such a strange reality to see such young kids already loving bands like that…which is cool i guess…especially at that age. i let them listen to KLC’s song Children and some of them started headbanging…hahahaha…cute kids – then they were like, “but i can’t hear what you guys are singing”… :-) join the club! hahahaha…

dude – the Turmoil record (the one that is like a discography of everything they’ve done) is in RR now!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! if you’re fans of Norma Jean, The Chariot, with vocals that mix up Remembering Never then you HAVE to check out this legendary metal/hardcore band…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…

the new Most Precious Blood CD is also in RR now…its incredible…the mix is SOOOOOOOOOOOO heavy…you’ll also notice the drummer boy in one of the photo’s playing a show with a KLC t-shirt on! :-) nice stuff colin!

go get these records now…byebye

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2005

some cool photos up on our forum from the Hearts Etched with Passion show: GIVE ME PHOTOS YO! haven’t had time to talk to the boss of the bar yet…will give you good news or bad news later on this week…

our next show is coming up this saturday! we’re pretty excited about it…especially since our last TWO shows have been so much fun! :-) the fire is back so we’re excited…seeing all you dancing your HEADS off to our new songs on sunday was SOOOOOOOOOOOO rad!!! man…i couldn’t believe it…because the stage was so weird so a lot of the times i was standing looking at the band so i couldn’t see you guys going crazy. then in one part of “Goodbye Hong Kong” i turned around to look at all of you and you guys were going CRAZY!!! TOTALLY CRAZY!!! oh man – that was soooooooooooo rad to see…

i hate my master’s degree…i can’t wait until its over…

okay going to bed…

this is the address for our show on saturday. if you can’t read chinese then print it out, go to Tsim Sha Tsui, get in a taxi and give them the address:


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SEPTEMBER 26, 2005

oh man…we are so blessed!!! two FUN shows in one weekend!!! i feel like we haven’t played as good as we have in a LONG LONG time!!! :-) man it was just awesome…you guys/girls were awesome yesterday…if i stepped on your foot sorry! :-) if i accidentally pushed you i’m sorry too…if i hit you with my guitar i’m sorry too… hahahahaha…but hey – we’re a hardcore band – we expect shit to break all the time! :-) so anyway…sorry if we hurt you accidentally! :-)

Attention to Piss were SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! :-) sooo good…unfortunately, i don’t think many people from the punk community came to the show yesterday though…so i felt bad for ATP….but they were GREAT!!!

evocation ROCKED shit!!! :-) tommy is such an awesome guitar player – to be able to sing on top of all those crazy guitar riffs!!! insane…

sanskrit were awesome – haven’t seen them in a LONG LONG time!!! siu wu is still one of my favorite vocalists…

i woke up yesterday with POURING rain bashing against my window and i was like “DAMN!!!” i thought that was going to impact the turnout of the show…around 3pm people started trickling in very very slowly…by the end of the show we got about 100 people (not including band members) which was cool considering:

a) there was a typhoon
b) many people have never come to this bar before
c) it was a show at 3pm on a sunday

so it was cool to see so many people STILL come in such horrible circumstances. it was also awesome that ALL of these people had such a great attitude!!! :-) they were all having fun either standing around watching the bands, or joining in to sing along, dance…it was so great to look around and see such a passionate group of people all supporting underground music…

however, i did think there was a chance that more people were going to come:-( so that was a bit disappointing …but oh well – can’t force people to support things.

i especially want to thank: Benny (for doing lighting), Markus (manager of the bar – he actually has a holiday on Sundays, but just to support HK bands he came to work yesterday!!! what a great guy!!!), Aly (the guy who did sound all yesterday…), my girlfriend alison (sat outside the whole time handling the door), all the bands that played, my AWESOME band members (for moving all our shit from the bandroom to the show on saturday, then playing the show, then moving all the shit to the bar yesterday, then playing the show, then moving all the shit back!!! THANK YOU MY BROTHERS!!!)…and lastly, thank all of YOU who came yesterday!!!

so now later this week i’ll talk to the manager again to see if he will let us organize a show there again…unfortunately, 100 people to a bar in HK is not a lot of people… :-( so maybe that was the last time we’ll have a show there…oh well…at least it was a WONDERFUL experience for all of us!!! :-)

anyway…thank you SO MUCH for coming yesterday and enjoying a wonderful sunday afternoon with all of us!!! :-)

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2005

so to much surprise – we played I Belong 土炮 last night! :-) that was first time since january that we played that song…for those who know that song SUPER well – they noticed that we changed it a little bit…just made it a bit more of a good warm up song for us…it was cool to hear all of you sing “我 – 係 – 土 – 炮” again!! :-) haven’t heard that in a while…

we want to say a BIG thank to our friends at Touch Music for releasing that compilation CD with all of those awesome HK bands on it…most people don’t know – but they didn’t charge the bands for recording. all the bands that recorded on that CD compilation recorded for free at the Touch Music studio…so that was SUPER awesome of Touch Music to do…

OKAY – today’s the show at Venue!!! :-) we’ve been waiting for this show for a long time and we dropped all the equipment off there last night after the show (yes – we’re SUPER SUPER tired)…so the rest of the KLC crew finally saw the place and Ming is SUPER confident about the sound…so we’ll see…hopefully it’ll be a good show…but that all depends on:

a) how many of YOU come out to support
b) how much fun YOU guys/girls have at the show :-)

we played a short set last night on purpose so that we could play longer today…so we’ll see you there!!! 3pm!!! :-) we’ll be selling stuff there plus some of other bands will be too (5 Disciplines, Embryo, Touch Music will be selling CD’s, our friends from Portugal will be selling Vegan t-shirts, Straight Edge t-shirts)…

seeya…again thank you so much for everyone that always comes out and supports us…it means so much to us – i can’t even describe the feeling…

ALSO: we have finally received the Southeast Asia compilation CD that features King Ly Chee!!! it has 20 hardcore and punk bands from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan and we’re selling it for ONLY $50!!! come check it out…CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CD!!!

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