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NOVEMBER 30, 2005

i messed up on the site link…here it is: Ly Chee

the setlist for the show on saturday is:

1. Detach Me
2. She
3. Refuse

the show starts at 5pm and we need all your support at this show! :-) i don’t think TVB has ANY idea what’s going to happen when all of YOU show up! :-) we still have some tickets left: email us if you want some tickets:  [email protected]

today’s message is dedicated to our brother Ming…some stupid crap happened to him yesterday and we’re hoping he is able to move on from this stronger then ever before. we’re here for you bro – whatever you need we’re ready to help you with…you’ll make it through bro…

more bad news – a good friend and a great supporter of KLC, Sascha, is being operated on this saturday – so we wish him the best of luck and a successful surgery on saturday!!!

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NOVEMBER 29, 2005

okay – looks like the godfather of rock in hong kong (in our eyes at least! :-) is playing at this saturday’s TVB show as well! yes – i’m talking about our lovely friend Paul Wong – he’ll be playing, according to our little drummer boy Ming…so that should be rad – we haven’t seen him in years it feels like…it’ll be good to talk to him again and see how he’s doing…

check out this awesome AWESOME show review of a recent Boy Sets Fire show: go to that link and then click again on the other link…that’s what hardcore is all about – the singer of Boy Sets Fire standing up for what he believes in and he doesn’t give a shit what people think…they’re an awesome band and YOU should support them if you’re into a) good music, b) hardcore with a message like it used to be, c) if you truly truly love me…hahahahaha…

we finally got a hardcore MP3 website: Ly Chee

so go tell all your lovely friends about it! :-) while you’re there – check out a band called Bring Me the Horizon from the UK…our good friend Mike told us about them…good band…he also got me into an AWESOME old-school hardcore band called Life Long Tragedy who RULE:

check that band out if you’re into stuff like Comeback Kid, Love is Red, With Honor, Champion, etc…SOOOOOOOOOO good…good passionate positive hardcore…

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NOVEMBER 28, 2005

a good friend got married last night! :-) it was great to go to a chinese wedding…i haven’t gone in a LONG time so it was cool to see it again…all the food, all the commotion, all the weird games! hahahaha…congratulations Maggie and i hope you have a wonderful life together with Jackie! :-)

next show is in a few days…can’t wait…tickets are still available. the first batch of 50 are finished but we still have some from the next batch of 20 that we have…the show starts at 5pm don’t forget…


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NOVEMBER 27, 2005

feeling ill dude…not good…my throat is hurting and its going to slowly turn into a pounding headache which then turns into being ill all together…that sucks…

can’t write more…not feeling good…i think we start vocals this week – we also have to find time to practice this week before the show on saturday at TVB city…don’t ask me what type of show it is – its just some sort of show with bands playing. they haven’t done a very good job promoting it so i don’t know how many people are going to show up…i mean come on, has anyone even heard about it on TVB jade? i don’t know…they supposedly had a “press conference” for it but none of us could go because it was like at 4pm on a thursday afternoon…

anyway – going to bed…hopefully i’ll be able to swallow tomorrow morning…i feel my throat closing up right now…sucks.

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NOVEMBER 26, 2005

okay – we have 20 more tickets now!!! woohoo!!! so keep emailing us your requests for tickets for the TVB city show!!!

[email protected]

andy should’ve finished the guitars for our Under One Flag CD last night! woohoo!!! can’t wait to hear what it sounds like…alex and i should start recording vocals for it this weekend if possible…we’ll see…can’t wait to get this finished!

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