NOVEMBER 25, 2005

don’t know if you guys are going to take part in the march on Dec 4th but i will…this is in regards to how the HK gov’t. has still not set a timetable for universal suffrage (where EVERYONE in HK votes to elect our leader). obviously, the hope of 2007 is gone – now they’re trying to find out if it will happen in 2012. but the government isn’t clear – underestimating how ready and willing HK people are and how civilized and well educated we are to be able to make this huge decision…Dec. 4th starts at Victoria Park at 3pm i believe…

woah – we’re finished with the TVB City tickets!!! :-) but i will call them today to find out if we can get more! you guys/girls are ALL so awesome for supporting us! everyday you guys/girls show us your support, the stronger this band gets! thank you thank you thank you!!! see you all at the show!!!

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