JANUARY 20, 2006

check out our brothers in a heavy band in Macau called Uni-K…click here to read about them: http://www.m-rock.net/unik.htm the site doesn’t have any songs up but i think they’ll put some up soon! good luck guys and hope to see you guys soon!

so our next show in Hong Kong is Feb 11 and we’re super excited to play this show because that will be the first show that we play our new song called Skinless! :-) we’re all super excited to play this song for all of you! ACTUALLY – the first time that we’ll be playing this song is actually in Europe…we’re playing this first in our set…followed by Izzue.crap. don’t know why we stopped playing that song in the first place! hahahaha…

we’re also excited because we invited our young brothers in Los En Found to play the Feb 11 show with us…they’re an awesome HK band and we’re happy that we are able to give them a chance to play a bigger show! :-) the show will be at Chinese University and i think they’ve started to promote the show now. as soon as we get more information we’ll let you know as well!!!

can you believe that the new Bleeding Through album is #48 on the Billboard charts! god…i was talking to our good friend Bob of LLNR and we both can’t believe it…no – we’re not necessarily “fans” of this release. the last record was awesome…and Portrait of a Goddess was awesome too…but this one? hmm…

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