FEBRUARY 17, 2006

dude going to watch Munich tonight! so excited to watch this movie…probably going to make me cry…any time i watch any of these movies based on a true story, i end up getting moved to tears. don’t forget – mineral is one of my favorite bands! hahaha…

dude…Bad Religion’s got a DVD coming out and i just ordered the new H2O dvd…how crazy…i haven’t listened to any H2O records since the second album they released…but those first 2 albums got me so in love with that band…family tree, roots,. those songs frickin’ rule…can’t wait to see what the DVD is going to be like…

check out the boy sets fire interview i’ve linked on our forum…good interview with an awesome band…

its so hot…it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot yesterday!!! its 25 degrees and its supposed to drop to 15 or 16 today. what the hell? the weather here is nuts…no wonder people are getting sick all the time…alright…stay safe everyone!

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