MARCH 1, 2006

have been listening to a lot of the “emo” lately…busted out my old Sunny Day Real Estate records, Christie Front Drive and Mineral stuff…even got some stuff like Starmarket, early Get Up Kids loaded on to my ipod…and non-emo bands like Avail on to my ipod as well…the old stuff was good – but you know what i realized? now that i listen to those old records, i can’t believe how terrible the recording is! hahaha…like the Avail releases. GOD – i LOVED the early records like Dixie, 4am Friday, Over the James…but now that i listen to them – holy crap the recording is SOOOOO bad.

anyway…we just confirmed a new show we’re playing on March 18!!! we’re SOOOO excited to play this show because its FULL of awesome Hong Kong bands. these bands will be playing: SIQ, Engrave Thy Heart, An Id Signal, False Alarm…its going to be an awesome show. all these bands have myspaces so check them out:
Engrave Thy Heart:
An Id Signal:
False Alarm:
SIQ has songs up on
its organized by a NEW organization called “Chisel My Movement” in HK who are trying to do something to help the local music scene. if you have time – check out their myspace: to find out more about this group of big-hearted people!!! this show is a charity show…

so we’ll see you on March 18…we’re getting more information from the Chisel My Movement people later today…will post it up when its ready! :-)

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