MARCH 24, 2006

dude…almost half the band is so damn sick right now…just came down with it this week. SUCKS…i’m going to blame it on this terrible weather – where one minute its hot, then the next minute its cold. our bro George Bush – i mean Heng, got sick this week too…and our bro Mr. Bean – i mean Mike has been sick all week too…our bro Osama – i mean glenn has been off of work for the past 3 days sick at home…one by one we’re all going down dude.

part 2 of the Anti-Flag interview is up now…check it out…click on the link i posted yesterday…

guys – stay safe…almost everyone i know has gotten sick this week…

HEY – late update, our bro’s in Hardpack have a new t-shirt out and it’ll be on sale on saturday!!! woohoo!!! $100HKD! 我們的兄弟Hardpack剛剛出了有新的t-shirt! 明天的show買得到!

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