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MARCH 20, 2006

hey – upload了幾個相片from上個禮拜六的show!!! 請按這個link去看看我們的嘉賓!!! hahahaha…uploaded some funny photos from last saturday’s show! check it out on this link

ALSO – like i promised last week! we have our second HK band’s interview up now!!! (its 12:30am right now and for the past hour i’ve been trying to get this thing up…) its an awesome interview with an amazing HK metal band called Rusty Cross!!! 我們的第二個本地樂隊的訪問現在是online!!! 是跟一個新的香港metal樂隊叫Rusty Cross!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!

ALSO: good news! it turns out that Shums is okay…thank goodness!!!

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MARCH 19, 2006

wow – what an AWESOME show last night!!! 昨天晚上你們全部是非常非常ging!!! 好久沒有看過本地的人對我們那麼熱情!!! :-) 非常開心再有機會感受到你們的支持!!!after the last 2 shows that we’ve played in HK this year, we were NOT expecting that type of love and affection from all of you last night!!! man – our friends like Zams were dancing THE WHOLE time we played!!! non-stop…incredible!

so you got to finally meet our “guests” 你們昨天晚上finally看到了我們的特別嘉賓!!! hahahaha…they came all the way from USA, Afghanistan, and the UK especially for you! :-)

our next show is March 25 – watch out to see what guests we have for that show! :-)

our friend Shums (from SIQ) fainted in the middle of their show so we hope he’s okay now…if anyone knows then please post it on our forum so we know that he’s okay…

thank you to the NICE people at Chisel My Movement for inviting us to perforM! it was an honor to play with our good friends in Hard Candy< Engrave Thy Heart, An Id Signal, SIQ, and False Alarm…see you all on Saturday!

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MARCH 17, 2006

wassup…word…chillin’…too tired to type right now…got back from band practice kind of late because we started working on this new song last night…

going to bed…

show tomorrow night!!! :-)

OH – i’m adding this…there’s an article about what is emo? online 有一個article關於”emo是什麼?”…很有趣…check it out: i felt old reading it…i guess i’m part of the second wave of “emo” that started with Sunny Day Real Estate (according to the article)…the article says that Fall Out Boy is the new “emo”? what? i’ve heard one song by these guys and it just sounds like pop/punk to me.

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MARCH 16, 2006

dude…good music keeps coming up again and again lately! 每天有新歌聽!!! 昨天在我們的FORUM我有upload了新Anti-Flag的全新的唱片…前幾天我有upload了Ignite(非常好聽的melodic hardcore久樂隊!!!) 得兩首新歌!!! 然後, 昨天晚上看到Sick of it All也upload了他們新唱片的其中一首歌!!! GOOD STUFF!!!

on our forum – i’ve already uploaded 2 new Ignite songs! then yesterday i uploaded a link to the WHOLE new Anti-Flag album!! SOOOOOO GOOD! then i found out that Sick of it All has also uploaded a new song from their upcoming album! SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!!

請上我們的FORUM看這三樂隊的LINK…go to our forum to find out the links…

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MARCH 15, 2006

如果這個禮拜六的show你不知道怎麼去, 你可以上這個網頁拿場地的地址 (if you don’t know how to get to the show this saturday – then click on the following link):

updated the League of Heroes interview with more questions and photos…you know where to go to check it out…

April 15 we MIGHT have a show in Shenzhen opening for a Shenzhen industrial/metal band who has just released an independent CD in China! that’s going to be cool! but its not confirmed…if you want to check out the band then click here:

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