MAY 21, 2006

man – this year is going to go down in history as one of the craziest EVER i think…here’s some more negative news for you all:

you probably don’t know this person – but in the history of King Ly Chee this guy has helped us so many times by organizing shows for us up in Shenzhen. he is a close and dear friend of ours…his name is patrick. he told me a few days ago that his wife was mugged a few days ago in shenzhen. not only mugged, but she was stabbed with a knife!!! she went to the hospital immediately. luckily a week has passed already and now she’s in Hong Kong getting treatment for it…he says she is MUCH better now but she is scared.

i can’t believe that happened…

then a few days ago i found out that a friend of ours Viv has been diagnosed with cancer!!! our poor brother!

hope that all our friends can stay strong and extra vigilant this year through all of this stuff that is going on. 2006 seems like a year full of bad news and tough situations…

i watched the Da Vinci Code last night – i haven’t read the book so i think the movie is pretty damn impressive…it really makes you wonder about the catholic church and christianity as a whole. what has happened in history we’ve only heard pieces of…the truth of the amount of things that are hidden, or things that that have been erased from the world in order to protect this religion, we’ll never know. its a scary thought…a few weeks ago i watched a program on National Geographic about the Gospel of Judas – that talks about how Judas was actually asked by Jesus to betray him. but this book was discarded and almost destroyed by the church hundreds of years ago. man – i don’t know what to believe anymore…its crazy.

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