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JUNE 26, 2006

so i hope you guys/girls can take some time to read the goodbye ming message that we posted…if you haven’t please go back to that page by clicking here. ming leaving has taught me a lot about myself – a lot that needs to be changed. its been a painful road trying to change for the past month or so and have many more painful months/years ahead. i have to thank my close friends for being the one’s who have stuck with me and have given me another chance to figure out what it means to be a “friend”. plus there have been a huge number of bands who have also shown lots of support and have encouraged us to keep going. the funny thing is that after most bands/friends find out that both our singer left and our drummer left, the first thing they say is “i hope you won’t give up!” and they have a very worried look on their face. that’s touching…super touching…and the answer is “no” we won’t give up. but please give us, especially ME, time to better understand myself. we’ll be back – that’s for sure.

this is now the first real “break” king ly chee has ever been on in 7 years…its weird to not be playing shows every month and not being able to see people dancing and singing to our songs…but i would be lying if i said that right now, this break isn’t comfortable. it is VERY comfortable. its probably the best thing that has happened to us in a long time. its been a long time coming, to be able to sit back and try to remember what it was like to play in a band again and actually having fun just being with each other instead of thinking about what the next project is, the next show, the next interview, the next CD, the next CD shop that needs to be re-stocked, the next tour schedule that we need to work on, the next stack of money that we need to spend on recording/touring/merchandise/equipment, the next batch of emails i need to send to people overseas, the next batch of emails i have to reply to from supporters around the world, the next myspace “add request” that i need to accept, the next group of distributors that i have to chase because they haven’t paid us yet, god…the list is endless…

now – its JUST back to the bandroom, hang out, work on songs, listen to music, and watch DVD’s…like the good ol’ days…and when i mean “old” i mean back when i was in high school!!! i feel like a huge weight is off of my shoulders when the band is this simple…and i like it.

anyway i hope that when we come back in november or december and start playing shows, that all of you who have been supporting us will come back and continue to support us…if you don’t support us anymore – that’s okay too. thank you so much for your time, love, energy and inspiration you’ve given us over the many many many years…i don’t think we can be any lower then we are right now – but we’ll be back. with all your love and support we’ll be back…

anyway – back to happy thoughts…leaving for Europe today for 2 weeks…so stay safe everyone!!! :-) i’ll hopefully see you guys/girls on our forum or myspace every once in awhile…i’ll still be checking in…

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JUNE 25, 2006

oh man!! what a fun show last night!!! i love my buddies Nic and Jared – those dudes are SO MUCH fun to mosh with…the dance floor was all ours! hahahaha…before all that mayhem began though, i actually skated by myself for a couple hours at the warehouse in the BLAZING heat! it was so damn hot…so i was already tired by the time the bands started playing. ATP and the lovesong were AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!! i love seeing both these bands…Evocation came on next and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! that drummer gets better and better every time!!! but this time he was beating so much harder then normal!!! it was great to see this dude getting better…missing in action band Irresistible Hearts came on next and they were soooo good – ho chai actually played some keyboard which was awesome…it was pretty cool to see a singer not go crazy AND have a keyboard right next to him!!! so rad…good to see these guys play again…

then came the mosh machine…Shepherds the Weak all fired up from their recent CDep…i don’t remember much from this except all the dancing that we were doing. my back hurts SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! hahahaha…all in good fun i guess!!! good set, good band, CONGRATULATIONS BOYS FOR THE NEW CD!!! :-) it was a great show…and i was really proud to be able to be a part of their CD release show!!! if you haven’t gotten their CD yet then go get it as soon as possible! :-)

it was also great to see so many old friends last night…the nice guys in Bereavement and Dysmal Prophecy were out last night and they were so nice…some of them might come with Glenn, Richie and me to the metal festival in Japan in october!!!

okay – gotta go back to watching the Argentina vs. Mexico game!!! 2 goals in 10 mins?! what?!

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JUNE 24, 2006

man – this NEVER happens…right now its 12:45am and there’s 3 things on TV that i want to watch!!! world cup is on one channel, NYPD Blue is on another channel, AND MTV has been playing Coldplay video’s for the past 20 minutes non-stop!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! so annoying…i’ve chosen to watch the Coldplay video’s – because they’re so damn good…and then run out to my living room to watch the world cup every few minutes! hahahahahah…

yesterday i went to MK to buy the 足球小将 comics!!! i bought 3 issues – #4-#6…but what’s annoying is that the written chinese is SO MUCH harder to read then what i hear on TV!!! SUCKS ASS!!! so i’m sitting there reading it and then elbowing my girlfriend “hey – what’s this word? and this one? and this one? and how about this one? oh – one more word! how about this one?” hahahaha…she must hate me when i try practicing reading chinese…but i’m going to do it! I WILL DO IT!!! i’m going to “chung lik se kao” my chinese reading! hahahaha…

alright ladies and gentelmen…tonight our pinoy brothers in Shepherds the Weak are releasing their first ever CDep called “Strength in Numbers” at the Warehouse! i got my copy last week and its heavy as hell – so all you metalcore kids in HK are going to love it! :-) plus check out the wall-of-death song called “Behind These Walls” – you MIGHT hear a familiar voice on that song! 😉

see you at the Warehouse tonight!!! peace out homies…

(oh by the way…my new band called “My Girlfriend and I” (hahahaha…) are touring europe starting in a few days. this is our schedule:

26 to 30 June London
30 June to 2 July Salzburg (Austria)
2 July to 3 July Venice (Italy)
3 July to 5 July Rome (Italy)
5 July to 7 July Paris (France)
7 July to 8 July London

13 July COLD muthafuckin’ PLAY in Hong Kong!!!)

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JUNE 23, 2006

a dude named Tim uploaded an AWESOME link to old video interviews of bands like Sick of it All, AFI, Anti-Flag from back in 1997!!! its crazy to watch those video interviews…to check it out click on this and follow the link:

DUDE!!! i’m leaving for the world of europe in just 3 days…GOD i cannot wait to get out of hong kong!!! its going to be amazing…its 16 degrees in london!!! what the hell?!?!? no wonder there are a million bands like Coldplay from London! hahaha…its always cold, wet, rainy, grey skies, no sun – of course those bands are always so damn depressing!!! :-) all the KLC dudes (well, what’s left of us) are going away this summer for something – i’ll be in europe, pong/karen are going to taiwan, andy/chloe will be going to japan! should be a rad time for everyone i think :-)

i’m going to be able to watch a hardcore band called Guns Up! rip up one show in london while i’m there…i’m looking forward to that but i’m bummed that there aren’t ANY other bands playing while i’m there! AAAAAAAAHHH! sucks…oh well…

dude – you want to see what a real tour is like? check out this link to Die Young’s upcoming tour – from 7/31 until the end of september:

and awesome news for all my punk rock brothers/sisters…Anti-Flag’s uploaded a new video for the song “One Trillion Dollars”! awesome video…check it

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JUNE 22, 2006

i read a very disturbing article in the newspaper yesterday about hong kong’s minorities. a few days ago there was some triad/gang fight in Yau Ma Tei and the police arrested 4 people. they arrested 2 local chinese and 2 nepalese people…and the police as well as social workers have noted that recently more triad groups are recruiting more and more HK minorities. why? because minorities in HK are living here away from their families, can barely speak chinese, can’t find jobs, no one wants to employ them, so they are perfect to hire to cause trouble with triad gangs.

this is a VERY dangerous situation…i’ve been saying this for a LONG time that if HK minority people are neglected any longer then they are going to retaliate by joining gangs or doing other unlawful activities (drugs, drinking, etc). finally – it looks like more and more minorities ARE joining gangs – especially gangs in the Yau Ma Tei area.

its a sad situation – read about it here:

let us hear what your thoughts are…

also – our good friends in Entwine have set up a new myspace page! check them out:

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