JUNE 24, 2006

man – this NEVER happens…right now its 12:45am and there’s 3 things on TV that i want to watch!!! world cup is on one channel, NYPD Blue is on another channel, AND MTV has been playing Coldplay video’s for the past 20 minutes non-stop!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! so annoying…i’ve chosen to watch the Coldplay video’s – because they’re so damn good…and then run out to my living room to watch the world cup every few minutes! hahahahahah…

yesterday i went to MK to buy the 足球小将 comics!!! i bought 3 issues – #4-#6…but what’s annoying is that the written chinese is SO MUCH harder to read then what i hear on TV!!! SUCKS ASS!!! so i’m sitting there reading it and then elbowing my girlfriend “hey – what’s this word? and this one? and this one? and how about this one? oh – one more word! how about this one?” hahahaha…she must hate me when i try practicing reading chinese…but i’m going to do it! I WILL DO IT!!! i’m going to “chung lik se kao” my chinese reading! hahahaha…

alright ladies and gentelmen…tonight our pinoy brothers in Shepherds the Weak are releasing their first ever CDep called “Strength in Numbers” at the Warehouse! i got my copy last week and its heavy as hell – so all you metalcore kids in HK are going to love it! :-) plus check out the wall-of-death song called “Behind These Walls” – you MIGHT hear a familiar voice on that song! 😉

see you at the Warehouse tonight!!! peace out homies…

(oh by the way…my new band called “My Girlfriend and I” (hahahaha…) are touring europe starting in a few days. this is our schedule:

26 to 30 June London
30 June to 2 July Salzburg (Austria)
2 July to 3 July Venice (Italy)
3 July to 5 July Rome (Italy)
5 July to 7 July Paris (France)
7 July to 8 July London

13 July COLD muthafuckin’ PLAY in Hong Kong!!!)

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